Repackaging eZine Contents

Repackaging eZine Contents

Publishing your own online newsletter or Ezine can be a challenge especially when t come to creating your own content. May it be short tips, mini stories, case studies and factual content or sometimes interviewing an expert or a leader in a said topic can become tiresome and challenging to the publisher.

However, if youre having trouble with producing your content, you can hire a ghost writer to write your content for you without taking any credit. You can find them in professional marketplaces where you can seek ghostwriters in and

Getting your own content via public domains is another method which only a few peole use. “Public domain” means anything that is NOT protected under US copyright law.

ALL works published before 1923 and, under certain conditions, works published up to 1978. And in this case, we are referring “works” to written materials such as reports, articles and books are included in the law.

To help you save time and effort, you can repackage or republish public domain information. Plus you dont have to pay for royalties or copyright fees.

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