More Info on Google Adsense

More Info on Google Adsense

Google adsense is very user friendly plus it has a support site to help you. With that information, one does not have to be a computer savvy or a computer geek to be able to utilize Google Adsense.

First, you have to input any information in the sign-up process. After that, while waiting for your account to be apporved you cn read the terms and policies. Just make sure that your site does not have any NO-no’s listed.

Next, check out the support site and see what other’s are saying and doing. Just have fun looking around.

Does Google Adsense Offer Direct Deposit?

Various payment options are available for the publishers. One is the Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) which is offered in 16 countries where your payments are deposited directly into the bank account in your local currency.

Check Google Adsense support to see which countries participate in this option.  You will need to sign up for  this option after your application is approved by signing into your account. You then click the edit link adjacent to the payment header.  After you fill out the bank information, Google Adsense will make a small test deposit into your account.  This is for security purposes to assure the account is really your own.

Watch your account for the test deposit to post, usually within just a few days.  After you have received the deposit from Google, log back in to your account and in the Payment Details section, click Verify Account.  You then will need to enter the amount of the test deposit.  If you do not complete this step, your payments will be on hold.  Once you enter the test deposit amount correctly, your bank will be approved and selected as your form of payment.

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