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by Eleanor Olson on July 9, 2009

Here are some tested and reviewed best-rated eBook compilers currently available in the market:

  • E-ditor. It has a demo version hich you cna download and try out before you actually purchase. However, you cant use this demo to create your ebook.
    This eBook compiler is one of the easiest to use. The software has a very user-friendly help menu that provides instructions for and explanations of every field on every screen. Plus it requires your files to be in HTML format.
    An excellent and unique feature of E-ditor is the capability to choose a standard Microsoft window or to create your own design for a window to personalize your eBook.
  • Desktop Author. This compiler does not require a browser, nor do you have to download software or plug-ins. The program converts exe. files into pages that look like a standard book.
    Additional features include WYSIWGY (what you see is what you get) page editing and creation, the ability to manipulate internal images, cut and paste functions, hotlinks to pages, email, website, or other files.
  • EBook Edit Pro. A demo version is provided to allo you to test out its feature. Plus it has a step-by-step to help you setup and create your ebook.Ebook Edit Pro is loaded with excellent features that allow you to create multi-media Ebooks, and includes a Wizard that is customized for beginners and for advanced users. The software uses HTML files, downloading them from the directory where they are saved. Edit and resave your files in the original software used to create those files, and then with a single click you can re-compile your Ebook.
    The software includes “eBrand-It” software that allows custom fields for your customer’s name, affiliate ID or URL. This feature is a powerful marketing tool because affiliates are much happier giving away your Ebook from their own site when they can customize it.
  • Ebook Compiler. It has a demo verison that allows you to compile 10 files. The catch is that you can’t sell any Ebook you create in the demo version.
    The purchased software is user-friendly with easy-to-follow help files that not only guide you through the steps of compiling your Ebook, but also explains what an Ebook compiler does. The software provides detailed instructions on how to create source files from Microsoft Word 2000 and 1997, PowerPoint 2000 and 1997, and HTML documents.
    This compiler allows for password protection of your entire Ebook or for selected pages. Additionally, you can set a time limit on your Ebook.
  • Activ Ebook Compiler. This is an easy to use compiler that provides excellent features. This software can support HTML, JPEG, GIF, and all active plug-ins. Features includes password protection, branding, internet linking, icon customization, assigning unique serial numbers, splash screen, file compression, and start-up messages. It also provides free lifetime upgrades.
  • Ebook Generator . This compiler features splash screens, password protection, branding, icon customization, and compression control.
  • Ebook Creator. This compiler supports HTML, JPEG, GIF, and PNG graphics, and Javascript, VB script, and Java applets. It also supports all Internet Explorer plug-ins.

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